Prepare training plan for the whole group and customize it for individual athletes. Collaborate with assistants and let the athletes access it from anywhere.


Save results of the races or competitions to track your performance in time. Include gained points, name of the winner or whatever is relevant.

Reality log

Log and browse all trainings with details including description, times in zones, distance, attached files or rated perceived exertion.


Take training attendance of young athletes. See how diligent they are during the year. Log training reality easily based on the presence.


Compare athletes or groups with category average. Analyze excercise trends, see history-based health and performance predictions.

Access control security

You are in charge of who can see what. Rules for accessing and changing data can correspond to your organizational hierarchy.

Swimmers ≠ Skiers

Yarmill is not one-size-fits-all. We tune it for each sport and team to meet their specific needs, training activities and methods.

  • alpine skiing
  • biathlon
  • box
  • canoeing
  • cross country skiing
  • cycling
  • fencing
  • figure skating
  • gymnastics
  • nordic combined
  • rowing
  • shooting
  • ski jumping
  • skicross
  • snowboarding
  • speedway
  • swimming
  • water slalom
  • + add my sport

Paper Inspired

Layout is inspired by original paper and excel training logs that you are used to.

Made to Measure

We customize the app individually for each team according to their training system and methodology.

Safe and Secure

All the data is protected and backed-up daily. Users can only see or edit data they are allowed to.

Continuous Updates

We release new features fortnightly based on product roadmap and team requests.

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